The Real Living Northwest Realtors’ Anderson Island office sold more homes in 2016 than the next ten brokerages in the Anderson Island market combined – that’s a whopping 36% market share. Anderson Island is a little-known paradise in Pierce County, WA. The remote, southernmost island in Puget Sound is accessible only by ferry and is home to a network of trails, parks, and two freshwater lakes.

Stephanie McCarthy, owner of Northwest Realtors, said the Real Living Real Estate brand is key to Anderson Island brokers’ success. “Our motto ‘The Power of Us, the Freedom to be You’ allows us to offer our agents all the tools and systems of a national brokerage, while giving our agents the freedom to let their unique personalities shine through,” she said.

To learn more about the Anderson Island office and how they’re leveraging the brand, take a look at the full press release here.