This year at Real Living Connection, we’ll debut our first-ever Community Service Award. This brand-new Real Living Community Service Award, recognizing companies and agents alike for leadership in civic contribution, is a way for us to honor the outstanding work you do to enrich your communities and ultimately, make them better places to live.
The winner of the award will be announced live onstage at Real Living Connection. Going forward, this award will be a permanent part of our awards program.

Submissions will be in the form of two-minute videos that can be emailed directly to

The content for your submission video (and yes, smartphone videos or selfie videos are accepted) should answer the following questions: What did you do for your community and why did you do it? How did you do it and who did it benefit? Essentially, your video should describe the who, what, why when and how of your community contribution.

Any additional questions about the Community Service Award can be emailed to the address above.