Be Sure to Join Us for These Upcoming Fall Diversity Events

This fall, Real Living Real Estate will participate in several events, conferences and conventions celebrating diversity in our industry. Join Gino Blefari, Chris Stuart, Teresa Palacios Smith and more team members at these events happening all over the country.


The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) Convention takes place in San Diego, CA Sept. 26-29, 2019. This national convention is NAHREP’s marquee event, where top-producing real estate professionals, industry experts and corporate executives convene for four days of education, networking and entertainment. Chris Stuart, Vice Chairman of Real Living Real Estate, will serve on a panel with David Acosta, 2019 NAHREP president, to discuss all the exciting new initiatives and brand offerings.

Stop by our booth No. 207 at the EXPO hall where you will get a chance to meet our team, take photos and pick up goodies! If you haven’t registered yet, contact for discounted pricing! For registration information, visit


Join Teresa Palacios Smith at the National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals (NAGLREP) Conference, held in Palm Springs, CA Oct. 1-3 at the Riviera Resort & Spa. NAGLREP will unite over 700 LGBT and allied industry leaders for three power-packed days of learning and networking with some of the best masterminds in the country. Come ready to gain insights into what top-producing peers are doing, hear from industry executives who are shaping innovation and learn more about the LGBT culture. Celebrate the Top LGBT+Agent Awards and remember to stop by our booth during the event.

All Real Living Real Estate network members will get $100 off NAGLREP conference registration! Now’s the time to spread the word and get registered. Remember to use the discount code bhhs100 when registering. For more details, visit


Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is sponsoring the Veteran’s Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP), which will hold its National Convention in Orlando, FL Oct. 13-15. The convention will educate, develop and empower by equipping you with the necessary tools to serve the military and veteran housing needs. There will be powerful networking, dynamic breakouts and industry leading classes along with a military and veteran expo. Stop by our booth at the convention. Take advantage of our discount when registering by using the code HOMESERVICES.

For registration details, visit


The Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) holds its National Convention in Boston, MA, Oct. 17-19 at the Boston Marriott Copley Place. Experience three inspiring days focusing on education, networking and professional development. Learn more about the greater AAPI community, how to connect with them in real estate, and how to make an impact in your local market. Teresa Palacios Smith will be one of the featured panelists at the conference. Please stop by our booth #225 located in the marketplace where you will get a chance to meet our team, take photos and pick up goodies!

For more information and to register, visit

A Letter from Leadership: Let's Get More Political in Real Estate

by Allan Dalton

I have always been of the view that real estate professionals can learn a lot from politicians and politicians can learn even more from those of us in real estate. For those of you who are either disgusted, or who think all of politics is a joke, I disrespectfully say: I no longer approve of political jokes as I have seen too many of them get elected.

So why then, do we need more politics in real estate?

The reason is that approximately 90% of members of congress, down from a one time high of 98%, get re-elected. To the contrary and despite our decades’ old plea, “I want to be your real estate agent for life,” according to the National Association of REALTORS®, fewer than 13% in our industry enjoy a vote for their real estate candidacy the second time around.

One definition of politics is, “the activities, actions and policies that are required to hold power in government.” Notice how the definition is about holding power more than accomplishing anything. Speaking of activities and actions, elected politicians, given their insatiable desire for career longevity, have mastered the following:

  • Social media
  • Mobile and overall digital marketing
  • Networking, door knocking, direct mail
  • Hyper local targeted messaging and advertising
  • And, of course, prodigiously photoshopped personal promotion

They also invest in their campaigns. Above all, however, they are responsive to the needs of the community.

Being community centric is in the DNA of all politicians. Unsurprisingly the word politics is from the Greek word “affairs of the city.” I will leave the possible jokes that can result from that double entendre about affairs to others.

Seriously, if we are going to get elected and re-elected, then we must illustrate the same demographic acuity that is found in the political world.

Those who seek to gain and keep political office have distinct messaging for seniors, different income groups, ever-changing needs, as well as an overarching theme or campaign message. Their messaging, like all good advertising, is almost always consumer centric … as in “I love New York and not, “I love me.”

Therefore, I am pleased that Real Living can now reach out through Real Living. Real Answers.SM to people who are either downsizing, moving up, moving with children or pets, looking to develop a lifestyle plan for life or who relish the idea that where they live is where Real Living begins.

Additionally, we have two universal campaigns “Real Living, The Home of Lifestyle Advisors” or “Real Living, The Leader in Customized Real Estate.”

Where we can coach all politicians is on how we work together to get things done. We accomplish real and relevant results for the good of humanity because of the exemplary and highly ethical way we individually and collectively do business.

Indeed, we can all proudly point to the following:

That our industry is not known for scandals, deception, negative campaign advertising or being divisive.

The same cannot be said for our elected officials on either side of the aisle. In fact, as unifiers we represent the opposite. We as an underappreciated industry, masterfully and sensitively, unite the inherently divided or polarized interests of buyers and sellers.

Our immense professional and people skills enable us to majestically create an outcome whereby both parties leave the closing table or high-tech enabled transaction with smiles and gratitude.

We also differ in how politicians attend partisan-only conventions while we attend both brand-only as well as industry-wide gatherings. It is there where we continue to celebrate the most mutually respectful, collegial and collaborative of all professions.

Also, despite the realities of our competitive environments, we maturely put aside our company and political loyalties to the benefit of our clients and thus to the greater society; a society whose very economy is inextricably interwoven with real estate results. Politicians are compensated regardless of their governing success or failures. Because they are rewarded richly for their political strengths, this is where their remarkable talents lie, notwithstanding the lack of trust the public has in the political class.

Real estate agents, regardless of surveys, categorically engender trust. Therefore, consumers write checks and come into open houses as strangers. Experience has taught them that both their money and physical presence is safe with real estate professionals. Regarding trust, while it appears so few politicians seem to trust one another, real estate professionals embody complete trust in one another, in my opinion.

Throughout our industry all real estate professionals know that they can trust the referral they send to another professional. Such trust extends the referral to an agent that they may not have never met and who lives and works thousands of miles away.

Real estate professionals have come to learn, and deeply appreciate, that after the transaction – regardless of the brand or brokerage affiliation or how formal or informal the referral was – that the referring agent will be paid a referral fee.

While I do wish that we would be more political to protect our “books of business” from all potential disrupters, it is even more important that politicians might learn from us and govern themselves with the same ethics and ethos replete throughout our industry … and that is no joke!

See you in California at the Real Living Real Estate Connection convention, where we will introduce programs designed to help you get new and renewed clients. And … please leave your politics at the door.

Real Living Southern Realty Agents Help Habitat for Humanity

In Ringgold, GA, an elderly couple’s home was in desperate need of repairs. Chase Jolander and his mother, Vickie McBryar, owner of Real Living Southern Realty of Trenton, GA and eight of her agents were on hand to help. It all started when Jolander and McBryar, board members of the Northwest Georgia Council of REALTORS®, attended a meeting and learned that Habitat for Humanity had a project for them.

“At least once a year,” said Jolander, “we try to do something to enrich our community.” On Oct. 29, Jolander and the Real Living Southern Realty Team painted the exterior of the couple’s house. Although other firms were involved, Jolander was proud to report that their office had the most participation at the event. “We had agents getting up on the roof, doing everything they could to make the home beautiful again.”

Jolander said when they were almost finished that the couple came to see their progress. “They were so grateful and excited!” he said. “It was a very rewarding experience.”

Community Spotlight: Real Living Wareck D’Ostilio

John Wareck and Frank D’Ostilio, owners of Real Living Wareck D’Ostilio, and members of their team are truly dedicated to making their neighborhood a better place to live – and it shows.

For the fourth consecutive year, associates of the New Haven, CT-based brokerage volunteered with Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (DESK) to serve meals for the area’s homeless and underserved. On top of serving meals, staff have also launched a campaign to raised more than $1,000 and collected four full boxes of donations organization ahead of the holiday season.

In addition to supporting DESK, staff from the Real Living Wareck D’Ostilio Branford office, led by Rhonda Young-Leu, delivered more than 100 meals throughout the neighborhood through Meals on Wheels. The group also washed dishes, set up and cleaned up the dining room, and removed trash to prepare the dining hall for the next day’s services.

“At Wareck D’Ostilio, we believe when we meet and interact with those in need, we are fostering a better community,” said Frank D’Ostilio, broker and co-owner of Real Living Wareck D’Ostilio. “Our volunteer work has given us an opportunity to understand the needs of our community and work harder to help those living in our area thrive to their potential.”

To learn more about Real Living Wareck D’Ostilio, or follow their work on Facebook at

Real Living Real Estate Applauds Network Agents Honored with the NAHREP Top 250 Latino Agents Award

Real Living Real Estate is proud of the three network sales professionals who ranked among the top 250 Latino agents by number of transactions in the U.S. as tracked by the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals® (NAHREP®).

The honorees include Andres Serafini of Real Living at Home Real Estate, The Washingtonian Group located in Chevy Chase, MD ranked No. 26; Marisol Franco, Real Living Real Estate Professionals in Wilbraham, MA ranked No. 112; and Daniel Llerena, Real Living at Home Real Estate, Chevy Chase, MD, No. 134.

“We are incredibly proud of these exceptional network agents and the wonderful service they provide to their clients,” said HSF Affiliates CEO Gino Blefari. “Their inclusion on NAHREP’s prestigious lists underscores their skill and dedication to their profession.”

Now in its seventh year, the NAHREP Top 250 recognizes agents whose hard work and dedication has led them to close an outstanding number of transactions in an effort to increase the rate of sustainable Hispanic homeownership in communities across the country.

“It’s a privilege and an honor to work among the talented individuals who represent the diversity we seek in our network,” said Teresa Palacios Smith, vice president of Diversity & Inclusion at HSF Affiliates. “Together, we are helping minority families achieve their homeownership dreams.”


Registration Is Now Open for Real Living Connection 2019!

We hope you marked your calendars for Feb. 8-10, 2019 for Real Living Connection: Real Living California ’19!

Mix and mingle with network members from across the country at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa. Join HSF Affiliates CEO Gino Blefari and your executive leadership team in sunny Southern California. Learn more about this year’s exciting event straight from Gino himself in the video below.

Don’t miss out! Register here!

Join Teresa Palacios Smith at the NAHREP National Convention!

You’re invited to join Teresa Palacios Smith at the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) National Convention at L’ATTITUDE in San Diego, Sept. 8-11.

This important conference represents the ultimate intersection between fostering business opportunity and encouraging a vibrant Latin culture within our communities.

Learn more by watching the video below!

Get your ticket here!

Inman Names Dale Chumbley with Real Living - The Real Estate Group, Inman Ambassador

Real Living Real Estate is proud to announce that Dale Chumbley, agent with Real Living – The Real EstateGroup, has been appointed as an Inman Ambassador for Inman Connect San Francisco. Chumbley is one of only 20 influential real estate professionals selected for this exclusive honor.

Inman Ambassadors are members of the Inman community who volunteer at each event to make introductions, provide insights and keep the spirit of connection alive.

Chumbley is honored to be asked to represent Real Living at this well-regarded industry event. He first attended the conference as an Inman Ambassador almost eight years ago and has been asked to reprieve his role several times since.

“Each year, Iman strives to bridge the gap between new techniques and conventional wisdom and that’s why I’m so excited to spread the good news about this event,” said Chumbley. “It feels great to be acknowledged as someone who can bring value to Inman Connect and help others find value in it, too.”

Inman Connect San Francisco 2018 will take place July 17-20, at the Hilton Hotel in Union Square. More than 4,000 industry professionals will gather over four days, and share actionable solutions to working “Faster. Better. Together.”

For those interested in attending this year’s event, visit: A special code has been created for network members and their associates to receive a $100 discount off the price of registration. The code is ICSF100CHUMBLEY and is good for the All-Access Pass as well as the Full Conference ticket.

Real Living Remembers Broker Bobby Mutter

It is with a heavy heart that Real Living shares the news of the passing of Bobby Mutter, broker and owner of Real Living Mutter Real Estate of Titusville, FL.

“The entire team at Real Living extends our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Bobby Mutter as we all mourn his passing,” said Allan Dalton, chief operating officer of Real Living Real Estate.

Mutter joined the network in 2012, quickly growing his company from 15 agents to 60, with two office locations to serve the coastal  Titusville market. Mutter was a fervent community servant and a 20-year real estate veteran. He began his career as an agent after retiring his duty as commander of the Titusville Police Department.

As a broker, Mutter understood the impact of community service and supported various causes. In 2015, the region lost nearly 10,000 jobs due to the closing of the Kennedy Space Center. While economic recovery in the area was steady, it was slow and several families struggled financially.

To help, Mutter and one of his company agents, Tami Leliuga Shriver became involved in an initiative to address poverty and homelessness in the area, particularly among children. The team recognized that special occasions, such as homecoming and prom, were expensive and organized a formalwear drive for deserving local high school students. Donations came in as far as 60 miles away from the community.

Children and families were near to Mutter’s heart. He and his team also worked with the local Chick-fil-A and a Lifepoint Ministries to help host a fundraiser for a young mother and cancer survivor. Nearly 300 community members participated raising more than $600 for the family’s medical treatment costs and childcare.

“It was clear that Bobby cared deeply for his community and that his community cared deeply for him,” said Gino Blefari, CEO of HSF Affiliates. “Bobby touched the hearts of many and he will be truly missed by everyone who knew him.”

Prior to his career in real estate, Mutter served as an officer and later as commander for the Titusville Police Department. As an officer, Mutter was said to have exceptional interpersonal skills and a superior talent for gathering information. As commander, Mutter mentored dozens of young police officers into well-groomed and experienced detectives. In addition, Mutter created the department’s K-9 unit and was nationally recognized for his K-9 training efforts.

Bobby is survived by his wife, Clara and his two sons along with their wives, Trey and Linda Powers, Jimmy and Jennifer Mutter; four grandchildren; Sierra, Walker, Stephanie, and CJ and; two great grandchildren; Kylie and Branden.

Services were held Monday, June 25, 2018 at Park Avenue Baptist Church in Titusville. Donations may be made in memory of Bobby Mutter to The Grove Church through their website link here.

Real Living Real Estate Leads Industry with Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating

We at Real Living Real Estate are proud to announce network agents earned an unprecedented 98% customer satisfaction rating for 2017, according to independent ratings service Quality Service Certification, Inc. (QSC). This is highest QSC score ever tallied by Real Living, and it places the brokerage network at the top of the real estate industry for customer satisfaction.

Through our innovative Real Living 360 Service® program, the network asks customers to candidly rate the performance of sales agent. QSC administers and validates these customer service satisfaction results following closed transactions for participating agents. More than 17,000 buyers and sellers were surveyed to measure the satisfaction of Real Living Real Estate customers.

“Real Living network agents make a pledge of service excellence every time they work with a home buyer or seller,” said Bob McAdams Jr., president of Real Living. “With each transaction they pledge themselves in writing as the Trusted AdvisorSM, the Skilled NegotiatorSM and the Expert FacilitatorSM. Our Real Living 360 Service Guarantee assures delivery of the promise to provide extraordinary customer care.”

In the QSC study, a full 94% of home buyers and 91% of home sellers who worked with Real Living sales associates reported being very satisfied with the results and service provided by their Real Living real estate professional. According to the latest report from the National Association of REALTORS®, only 61% of buyers and 62% of sellers said they were very satisfied with the buying process and service provided by their real estate professional.

“As the industry trailblazer in customized real estate, Real Living network agents are empowered to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers,” said Allan Dalton, chief operating officer of Real Living Real Estate. “This distinction puts our brand above the rest and it’s evident by the excellent results of this survey.”

Gino Blefari, CEO of HSF Affiliates, congratulated the Real Living network for its QSC scores. “Top-rate client service is more than a promise, it’s a lifestyle at Real Living,” Blefari said. “This record-high 98% satisfaction rating underscores the network’s dedication to only the very best in customer care.”