Dear Real Living Network Brokers, Associates and all Members of our Real Living Family and Network,

As president of Real Living, I want to complete my Monday by thanking each person who attended our annual Real Living Connection conference. To you, as well as to those who were not able to attend our conference, I provide this review and report.

Before I provide some detailed information regarding the response to our new direction, let me, on behalf of all who attended, express my gratitude to the HSF Affiliates executives who devoted their time to attend the entire conference. Of special note is how our HSF Affiliates CEO Gino Blefari not only presented his future vision but also joined me on stage for approximately 2 1/2 hours and extended his personal gratitude to the network. He also provided a photo opportunity for each richly deserving award winner. I cannot imagine any other CEO possessing either the endurance or the interest as Gino displayed this past week.

Regarding the response to Real Living Re-engineered, the content as developed by Allan Dalton and members of both Real Living’s and HSF Affiliates’ marketing and training teams, scored the highest rating given to any main stage speaker in the history of our conference. Allan’s 97% positive rating is judged against all speakers, educators and coaches, both from within Real Living as well as guest presenters from outside of our network.

With all due respect to Allan, this historic rating objectively monitored by HSF Affiliates, is much more of a reflection of the sophistication of our network, its appreciation for Real Living-related specific content, and its craving to be not only the company that enjoys the highest service rating of 98%, but also a network that aspires to become known for the following: The leaders in customized real estate; the home of lifestyle advisors; the off- and online digital syndicator of Real Living Real Answers; and for collaborating with home sellers in the development of a customized home marketing plan in lieu of listing presentations.

This marketing vision has now been validated by a meaningful representation of our entire network. Given the approval by our network, I can now immediately direct our combined HSF Affiliates and Real Living staff members to work with Allan to execute this major shift in how we communicate our elevated value proposition, both internally, to prospective Real Living franchisees, and most importantly, to the public.

Lastly, there would be no convention without the continued support of our highly valued and most dedicated members who commit themselves to networking with colleagues from across the country, and making our convention the success it was. I have already begun the process of selecting a venue for next year that will rival, if not exceed, the magnificence of St. Petersburg. I encourage all of you who attended this year’s event to attend next year. We will provide details on the 2019 conference as soon as they are available.

Most Respectfully,




Bob McAdams
Real Living Real Estate